ArtCorps is a network of programs that support the arts at under-resourced schools in RedLine’s community of Five Points. By establishing strong connections between art, education, and the community, ArtCorps increases student’s opportunities for creative engagement in schools, allowing for a more rigorous and well-rounded education. Our programs foster creative thinking, and encourage students to approach issues with the inquiring mind of an artist.  By developing skills of inquiry and imagination, students find new in-roads to core subjects and are better prepared for  lifelong learning.

ArtCorps Mentoring:

ArtCorps Mentoring uses one-on-one mentoring to provide a safe environment for students to explore the arts while creating connections with a trusted adult figure. Selected students have the opportunity to work with a professional artist to create a year-long art project that investigates social justice issues. The program gives students a practical way to approach issues with the inquiring mind of an artist.