Education Director

RedLine’s education and community programs are a vital part of our organization and represent the mission in action. RedLine programs don’t fit the standard art model because they are truly community-responsive. This means we start by listening to what our local communities want and we observe where there is a gap and go to the highest need. Programs are co-created with participants and are constantly evolving. At RedLine, we believe that we should use our voice and agency to create voice and agency for others.

The Education Director is responsible for developing, growing and sustaining education and community programs that:

  • Ensure that each program is focused on social justice issues and create positive social change in individuals and communities through art and artists.
  • Continue to be community-responsive to local Five Points communities and beyond with new programs, community partnerships and program collaborations that primarily benefit under-resourced populations.
  • Increase visibility of RedLine education and community programs in the Denver community.
  • Connect RedLine resident and community artists to local communities (primarily under-resourced) through interdisciplinary educational programs and ongoing creative collaborations
  • Sustain and evolve RedLine adult and youth programming, including but not limited to EPIC Arts, Reach Studio, ArtCorps, Play Space, 48 Hours, and Spanish language programming.

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Please send your cover letter, resume and professional references to Michelle Reilly at by no later than September 25. No calls please.

RedLine is a contemporary art center whose mission is to foster education and engagement between artists and communities to create positive social change.

RedLine holds true to the following organizational values:

Access: RedLine encourages everyone to experience the artistic process.

Relevance: RedLine is responsive to the ever-changing needs of local artists and communities.

Change: RedLine believes in the transformative power of art to instigate social progress.

Depth: RedLine focuses on the individual by building strong connections.

Collaboration: RedLine understands the importance of collective leadership and participation. 

Culture Statement: RedLine values your happiness, abilities, creativity and contributions and we work together to create an environment where we can all thrive. Every member of our team is a true believer in Redline’s core purpose, motivating and pushing us all forward together to deliver on its promise. RedLine is lots of things, but there are a few things we know we never want to be: hierarchical, exclusive, boring, or siloed. To flourish in this environment, it is vital that you, as a team member, bring your ability to perceive what’s needed to help RedLine succeed, and to care enough to take self-directed action to support that success. Redline offers a supportive setting that enables you to choose how to set your work/life priorities. This flexibility is possible because we trust and expect of each other that each of us will be self-starters who can work both independently and collaboratively to be accountable to the results of our roles.