24 Hours Block Party 2019

Proposal Submission Form

August 10, 2019

48 Hours of Socially Engaged Art & Conversation 2020 is a free, public two-day summit and exhibition that convenes cultural organizations, non-profits, artists, activists, and individuals to share their expertise on cultural responsiveness, social responsibility, and collective leadership. Inspired by Denver’s Imagine 2020 Cultural Plan, 48 Hours promotes positive social change through creativity and innovation. This year, 48 Hours will change to a one day block party event on August 10, 2019 in order to amp up for a full, two day summit in 2020. 24 Hours Block Party is looking for nonprofits, artists, foundations, activists, collectives, groups, and individuals who have ideas for:

  • Performances: These can include music, dance, performance art, spoken word, etc.

  • Socially Engaged Art Projects

  • Interactive Makers Projects: Projects in which participants are helping to create something or learning how to use a medium. These should be able to exist outside at tables and allow people to come and go. Past examples include block printing, protest patches, and small mosaics.

  • Zine/Blog Submissions: These can include short essays, poems, comics, short stories, etc. These will be published either in an online blog and/or a printed zine that will be distributed at the block party.

2019 Theme: D | Vision

Throughout the year, RedLine's exhibits, special events, and programs will seek to investigate the ways in which division opens space for new creation and perspectives or how culture makes vision out of division. We are looking to investigate both division and visioning for the future during the event. How are we able to come together during times of extreme divisiveness and create a better future in which everyone has a voice? The block party offers an opportunity to explore both the discord and disunity currently occurring and envisage what is possible in the future.

48 Hours is in support of Denver’s Imagine 2020 Cultural Plan and creates a platform by which the tenets of the plan can be explored. You can learn more about the plan here.


Proposals are due by May 13, 2019.

Please fill out the form below in order to submit your idea for 2019. If your proposal is a zine submission, we will ask for the actual submission once your proposal is accepted.

*Please note, we are not accepting proposals for exhibited artwork. Exhibition space in RedLine’s galleries will not be available. If you were hoping to submit a 10 minute talk or workshop, please consider submitting next year for our full 2020 summit or find a way to make your proposal fit our block party format.

*Also, please be aware that the majority of the event will be held outside.

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Do you have specific needs? Take into account most of the event will be held outside. Will it need a power source? Will it need speakers, microphone, etc.?

Your proposal will be reviewed by a committee of community members and RedLine Staff. Applicants will be notified by June 28, 2019 as to whether their proposal has been accepted or denied.