48 Hours of Socially Engaged Art & Conversation

The call for proposals for our 24 Hours Block Party has closed, but we hope to see all of you there on August 10!


24 Hours Block Party

August 10, 2019

Like always, this event is free and open to the public! This year’s 24 Hours Block Party will feature socially engaged art projects, interactive makers projects, performances, a community dinner, Arts in Society Grantee projects, and the opening of our community juried show. Please check back soon for specific times and a more detailed schedule!

About 48 Hours

48 Hours of Socially Engaged Art & Conversation Summit is a two day summit and exhibition that engages cultural organizations, non-profits, artists, and individuals to share their expertise on cultural responsiveness, social responsibility, and collective leadership. Inspired by Denver’s Imagine 2020 Cultural Plan, 48 Hours aims to promote positive social change through creativity and innovation. This year, 48 Hours will change to a one day block party event, 24 Hours Block Party, in order to amp up for a full, two day summit in 2020.

Annual Theme: D | Vision

Throughout 2019, RedLine's exhibits, special events, and programs will seek to investigate the ways in which division opens space for new creation and perspectives or how culture makes vision out of division. We are looking to investigate both division and visioning for the future during the event. How are we able to come together during times of extreme divisiveness and create a better future in which everyone has a voice? The block party offers an opportunity to explore both the discord and disunity currently occurring and envisage what is possible in the future.

48 Hours supports Denver’s  Imagine 2020 Cultural Plan and creates a platform for exploring the tenets of the plan. Click here to learn more about the plan.