ArtCorps Mentoring Artist Interest Form

ArtCorps Mentoring uses one-on-one mentoring to provide a safe environment for students to explore the arts while creating connections with a trusted adult figure. Selected students have the opportunity to work with a professional artist to create a year-long art project that investigates social justice issues. The program gives students a practical way to approach issues with the inquiring mind of an artist.

Currently, Mentoring takes place at Whittier ECE-8 School with students in 5-8 Grade. The students and mentors meet once a week after school for two hours. They complete lessons taught by the program’s coordinator, go on field trips, and eventually create a socially engaged art project for their May exhibition at RedLine.

Please fill out the following form if you’re interested in learning more and possibly becoming a mentor. RedLine staff will then reach out to you with more information!

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Experience in these areas are NOT required to participate.

Mentor Requirements

  • Commit to 2 hours a week on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 3-5pm at the school with your mentee from October to May (school holidays/breaks excluded). We ask that you try to not miss more than 3 sessions.

  • Attend an orientation/training both in person and possibly online.

  • Attend field trips with the students (during normal mentoring time).

  • Help install the student projects in May.

  • Complete necessary surveys once or twice during the year.

  • Be prepared to report any issues or concerning things your mentee might share with you.

  • Be open to try new things with your student, have fun, and get silly!


  • You get to be a part of the RedLine family!

  • Create a lasting and meaningful relationship with a student in need of a mentor.

  • Have a real impact on a student and help create a small community within the mentoring program.

  • Gain experience working with youth and art education.

  • Show your artwork alongside your student’s project in the May exhibition at RedLine.

  • Receive a stipend for your participation in the program.