Tara Rynders Brings Movement to Rose Medical Center

Utilizing the Arts to Address Self -Care and Compassion Fatigue

A series of dance and yoga classes created by Tara Rynders in collaboration with Rose Medical Center (RMC), will be offered to hospital personal and the surrounding community at RMC in Spring of 2018, to be followed by an immersive dance performance. This project is funded by a 2017-2018 grant from Arts in Society.

The Clinic dancers in rehearsal

Participating dancers will offer two weekends of educational classes open to all nurses, offering opportunities for nurses to utilize the arts and movement to gain insight on how to authentically connect with patients, incorporate self-care practices, and provide support for creating change within oneself in order to find the joy that nursing has to offer.

The artists of The Clinic will begin with an open rehearsal process at RMC that will take place every Monday night until their performance, including an open warm-up/yoga that all hospital personell are welcome to participate in. Additional one on one performances with patients in the acute care setting at RMC will take place as part of The Clinic, and dancers will be working with nurses to help them create a closer connection with their patients.

The Clinic logo is composed of an image of two hands surrounding a red heart

The Clinic logo is composed of an image of two hands surrounding a red heart

An immersive dance performance open to the public and taking place inside RMC is scheduled for Spring or Fall of 2018, dates TBA. Together artists, dancers, musicians and nurses will create an evening length immersive performance that brings people of walks of life together to experience laughter, movement, tears, and the beauty found in the most unexpected places.




In August 2016, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, Hemera Foundation, Colorado Creative Industries, and RedLine Contemporary Art Center joined forces to launch a new collaborative grantmaking program: Arts in Society

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