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Brian Napier: Crooked Timber

Brian Napier: Crooked Timber

Curated by: Odessa

June 30 - July 28, 2017

Crooked Timber investigates the relationship between human beings and the Earth; deconstructing the paradoxes between consciousness and ecology. Brian Napier's sculptural works draw parallels between natural object and the intervention of societal growth. The making of these objects is, by nature, a disruption of the processes which the work examines. In this way, the exhibition space serves as an open casket to what was, and a monument to the eternal. Quasi-classical still life paintings incorporate subtle elements of design and bright color blocking, which employ a sense of quiet unrest and dread through a stunning juxtaposition of skeletal forms. Shrouded in plastic, the subjects in Napier's paintings tussle with Antonio Corradini’s veiled figures and demand reflection on death, time, and debris.

About Brian Napier:

Brian Napier (b. 1992) arrived in Colorado by way of California in 2012. He has an extensive exhibition history comprised of solo, group, and collaborative exhibitions across Colorado, Minnesota, and California. Napier’s work has been featured in Westword, Garro, Foothills, and Odessa. He is Functioning on a level beyond environmental activism; His work is instead rooted in the reflection of self, place and holistic thinking.  Brian received his BFA from the University of Denver in 2015 and will be attending Pratt Institute for an MFA in Sculpture in the fall of 2017.

About Odessa:

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