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​Mastering Illusions: Contemporary Ink Paintings of Jin Sha

Mastering Illusions: Contemporary Ink Paintings of Jin Sha 

Curated by Julie Segraves
Sponsored by The Asian Art Coordinating Council and The Beijing Art Institute of Chinese Fine Art Painting
June 1 - June 17, 2018

Public Reception: June 1, 2018, 6 - 9 PM (First Friday)

Jin Sha’s preferred painting method is gongbi, which is considered China’s most conservative and most difficult brush technique. It is characterized by combining fine lines with multiple layers of both ink-shadings and colors to achieve its three dimensional qualities. Mastering Illusions will feature the Angel paintings series (2018), where he has painted everyday images out of context. Each Chinese fan format features Jin Sha’s protagonist: a figure wearing a Magritte-style suit, bowler hat, and angel wings, but all are missing a body. These everyman figures that are inherently good, indicated by their wings, are featured among a collection of ordinary objects, including children’s blocks, representing an ideal world that the “everyman” hopes to encounter. But like most Beijingers today, Jin Sha’s “every man” is trapped in a grim everyday reality not of his own making.

RedLine would like to thank the Olson-Vander Heyden Foundation for their generous support of RedLine's national and international visiting artist program.