RedLine’s EPIC Arts program provides a platform for RedLine Residents Artists to work in collaboration with educators from Denver area K-12 schools to implement an experiential semester-long curriculum that creates a body of artwork through a lens of contemporary social Justice.

EPIC Arts empowers young people to become active interpreters within their own unique art practice alongside a professional artist.  The art making process and resulting artwork becomes a medium through which young people can hone their critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills and express their unique perspective and ideas about today’s world. Each semester, the project culminates with the EPIC Youth Exhibition at RedLine, where students can see their work displayed in a professional space, view other student's work and discuss their ideas with the community.  

Please contact Libby Barbee at for more information.

Participating K-12 art educators engage in a semester-long collaboration with a RedLine resident or Denver community artist to create an experience of social justice through art in the classroom. The EPIC curriculum is designed to allow for student-driven and process-based art exploration that addresses social concerns raised by students. Students work collaboratively to create artworks that relate directly to their lives and contemporary issues. The program emphasizes the process of art as a way for students to think independently and engage with their environment. At the end of each semester, RedLine hosts a youth exhibition to bring the student’s artwork to the public.

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