RedLine’s EPIC Arts Program challenges the current pedagogy in order to create room for students’ voices. Each semester, RedLine pairs between 6-10 artists and 6-10 teachers through the program to collaborate in implementing an innovative social justice arts curriculum developed by RedLine in a K-12 classroom. The program is designed to engage students living in stressed communities and to provide them with opportunities to explore community issues through contemporary art. Most of the participating schools are located in Denver’s Five Points Neighborhood, and have student populations that are roughly 85% free and reduced lunch and higher. The program is delivered in school to create process-based art projects that align directly with core learning objectives. At the end of each semester, RedLine hosts a youth exhibition to bring the students’ art to the public.


Participating professional artists play an important role in EPIC by serving as collaborators to teachers, by sharing their experience and skills with students, and by helping to guide participants through the artistic process of translating idea into form.


If you are interested in participating as an artist in EPIC, please fill out the following application and submit your brief artist statement and resume to JC Futrell (jcfutrell@redlineart.org).

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If selected, please check a preference for the grade level you would most enjoy working with: *

Participating Artist Guidelines and Requirements:

Each EPIC collaboration takes place over the course of one semester and is a commitment on the part of the artist of about 20 hours.

Participating artists must commit to the following requirements:

1.    Attendance at monthly EPIC meetings to be held at RedLine

2.    Cooperation and collaboration with partner teacher, including meeting with the teacher outside of school time to plan and prepare

3.     A minimum of 7 classroom visits

4.    Cooperation with partner teacher to install the EPIC Exhibition (installation takes place the Wednesday and Thursday nights preceding the exhibition opening)

5.    Attendance at the EPIC Exhibition opening (May 20, from 1-4 PM)

6.    Assistance de-installing EPIC Exhibition

7.    Completion of the EPIC survey  

*Teacher and community artist stipends will be mailed after post-assessments and surveys are received at the end of the project.