Host A Community Event or Program in the Community Studio!

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RedLine is a nonprofit contemporary art center with a focus on social justice. We believe making the creative process accessible to all. If you are an artist or non-profit organization that is interested in hosting your event, program or workshop in RedLine’s Community Studio, please fill out the form below.

Our Community Studio is ideal for a variety of uses and pricing starts at $50 for mission-aligned events and programs. The pricing can vary based on need. All fees support our education outreach, and artist in residence programs.

The maximum capacity in the Community Studio is 50 people.

This space is reserved for workshops, small gatherings, and classes only. To book a larger event, click here.

We will make decisions based on alignment with our core values:

  1. Community Responsive

  2. Approachable

  3. Bold and Visionary

  4. Deeply Connected

  5. Artist-Focused

Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible and allow at least three weeks for us to schedule and arrange logistics. Thank you!

Name *
Are you affiliated with a local non-profit organization? *
What "type" of event or program are you interested in hosting?
Please select the option that most relates to what you have in mind.
Will you be charging participants for this event or program?
Do you agree to set up the space yourself, provide your own supplies, and clean up the space as well? *
The Community Studio is primarily used by our REACH Studio artists. These are artists who have experienced homelessness or other hardships in their lifetimes. If we move forward with your event or program, we would like to be able to offer an invitation to our REACH artists (at a reduced rate if possible).

We look forward to collaborating with you soon!