Make/Shift Monday

A fun, off-script program created for and by Denver's unique creative community.  Join us for these regular happenings that activate the space and provide informal opportunities to engage with RedLine.  These experiences will take place on the first and third Mondays of the month, in the evening starting at 6:00pm and ending no later than 8:30pm. 


Upcoming programs

September 10

30 min Design Challenge with Kenzie Sitterud

30-minute Design Challenge is a group therapy/creative session. The Challenge first started to encourage designers to let go of all the formal rules, relax, and design to exercise the brain, creativity, and wit. A mediated group reflection will be followed by a 30 minute design challenge focusing on a specified topic. No design experience necessary and all materials provided.


This Make/Shift Monday program will take place at 808 Projects (808 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204)


September 17

Vagina China Casting Ceremony presented by The Women's Art League

Artist team Julie Maren and Joy Alice Eisenhauer work collaboratively as "The Women's Art League"  and have created a large scale feminist art project called "Vagina China." They are making 13 collections of china, each with cast vulvas in the center. Their mission is to demystify and celebrate the female body, specifically the vulva. Anyone who identifies as a woman is invited to join an evening of art making, sharing, and casting. Casts are anonymous and the process is private.


October 1

The Wölfli Experience with Max Maddox

Join us for an invocation of the elusive and enigmatic artist Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930), a modest celebration in music and spoken word. Learn what happened at Waldau Mental Asylum, where one of the world’s most prolific artists wrote and illustrated more than 25,000 pages in a 35-year spate of creation. Share in the long standing tradition of enacting the works of this Swiss outsider. Hear passages from “Cradle to the Grave” in the original Swiss-German dialect, learn to play “The Chocolate Suchard” on Wölfli’s signature paper trumpets, and enjoy some ballads of the imaginary island Neveranger. Slip into the unconscious with these riddles from the king of artist kings, Adolf Wölfli.

Concept and musical arrangements by Max Maddox, directed and co-written by Victoria Garrison, with libretto by Puddle Theatre.

What is Make/Shift Monday? 

Make/Shift Monday is a program that encourages participants to engage with RedLine in a unique and inspiring way. Make/Shift, as the name implies, is very open-ended and each bi-weekly happening is crafted with the creative spirit in mind. The nature of programming is always thoughtful, sometimes a little wacky, and somewhat improvisatory.

Make/Shift is an opportunity for local creatives and extended members of the RedLine community to share practical skills, intellectual interests, or secret superpowers with a receptive group of peers and arts enthusiasts.

There is an endless variety of “types” of  things that could go on during a Make/Shift Monday. Past programs have included participatory concerts that involve music, poetry, improvisation, and dance where the distinctions between composer, performer, and audience member are dissolved; collaborative art activities and creative testimonials; one-of-a-kind art workshops; and many more!


Have an interesting idea for Make/Shift Monday? Please Share!