School Tours

While visiting RedLine, you and your students will have the opportunity to learn about art in context through a guided tour and activities built around the exhibitions on view in RedLine’s two gallery spaces. In addition to viewing the artwork on display in the galleries, you will be invited to step inside the studios of RedLine’s 18 artists in residence and watch professional artists at work.

Following your guided tour, you are invited to schedule an art making activity in RedLine’s Community Studio. RedLine staff are able to create exciting student-driven art projects (ranging from bleach pen printmaking to revolutionary poster design) that meet your grade-level and content needs. 

RedLine tours include:

  • A guided tour of the exhibitions on view.

  • Engaging comprehension activity and scavenger hunt

  • Behind the scenes access to resident artists working in their studios

RedLine tours are tailored to grade level and content area. Tours require about 45-90 minutes to complete. 

Community Studio Activity:

Want to make your visit to RedLine a trip to remember?

Let RedLine education staff plan an art making activity for your students. Art activities require a minimum of 60 minutes to complete. 

Activities are tailored to grade level and are tied to the themes or media reflected in the current RedLine exhibitions. 


Title 1 School  - FREE! 

Non-Title 1 Schools - $3/student

*Adult chaperones - FREE!

Art Activity  - Additional $5/student



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Title 1 schools tour for free!
Chaperones tour FREE!
We are generally available for tours from 11-4 PM Tuesday-Friday.
Interested in an Activity?
We work with you to tailor an activity specific to your class. Additional $5/student