Socially Engaged Art Projects

Allie Beckman

Bianca Shaw


Active Investigation

Michael Workman

I will present a series of “performance score” movement-based social interactions exploring the connection between language, movement, and those forces that govern our behavior in the public sphere. Incorporating an urban planning approach across the “place identity,” the work will be adapted site-specifically to the public staging of 48 Hours.


BUFFED//GRITO: Cycles of Erasure

Alejandro Perez

Come air your grievances with spray paint. Contribute a layer of paint to, BUFFED//GRITO: Cycles of Erasure, a community sourced painting. You don't have to be an artist to contribute, you just need something to spray/say.


Mileage Allowance

Barbara Loisch

'Mileage Allowance' was born out of a wish to portray and celebrate the everyday lives of caretakers. Encouraging people to create memory maps of paths they regularly take while caring for someone, the project asks questions about movement in connection to transcending love as well as physical and emotional labor.


The Meet Cart

Kindness Craft Collective, a project by BETTERISH

Check out the Meet Cart, a mobile structure that encourages strangers to meet, greet and play. Find someone you don’t know, and together, create a more connected 48 Hour community.


Mending our Ways

Patti Smithsonian

Challenging allegiance to corporate America and willingness to use our bodies to advertise for them, Patti Smithsonian offers free clothing alterations while you wait.


The Race Card Project

Denver Public Libraries

The Race Card Project is an interactive display prompting participants to post their thoughts on race in just six words. Based on the award-winning work of Michele Norris, the Race Card Project promotes social interaction, civil discourse, and a mutual exchange of ideas around the ongoing conversation about race.


2019 Dream Project

Eriko Tsogo, Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado

The "Dream Yurt" project is designed to engages and challenges systems of power, and through the process, transform systems of structured oppression through a combination of game, creative “wish ribbon” making workshop, and through the performative act of constructing a symbolic Mongolian yurt.