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The Bone Doctor Art Murder Mystery at Arcana Restaurant

You're invited to a dinner and fundraiser for the biggest, most important archeological dig site in Boulder County.  Join Dr. Silas Meckel and his team as they unveil one of the biggest archeological discoveries in human history. 

The Bone Doctor Art Murder Mystery is an interactive evening of clues and deceit. Come meet us at Arcana restaurant in Boulder for cocktails, followed by a 3 course meal and murder.  The mystery starts as soon as you walk in the door.  Upon arrival, you will receive a set of clues unique to you.  Each guest will be given a small character they can assume, each with a close and specific relationship to one of the crew members, or suspects in the murder.   As you watch the drama unfold, gather as many clues as you can in order to solve the mystery.

Bone Doctor Art Murder Mystery
The Democalypse/1SQFT General Admission + The Bone Doctor Art Murder Mystery
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