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Intrepid Garden + Garden Party

Organized by Lisa Gedgaudas & Brendan Picker-Mahoney

Works by Suchitra Mattai and Jodi Stuart with guest artists John McEnroe and Ashley Williams

August 7, 6-8pm, Buell Theater

Exhibition Reception, 5-8pm

Garden Party, 6-8pm in the Galleria

The Intrepid Garden exhibition at the Buell Theater investigates gardens of the past, present, and future.  As the cultivated space between the untamed woods and the domestic realm, gardens of the past were spaces of mediation.  Representing the human attempt to shape nature, the garden could be nurtured, maintained and controlled but had the potential to become overgrown, unruly and unkempt.  As nature bore its incredible force, the garden could be transformed from a peaceful haven to an inhospitable wilderness.  Through the creative process of mimesis, the floricultural arts reenacted the awful powers of nature by rendering them on am ore palatable, more human scale.  And so the garden came to epitomize the delicate interplay between nature or "raw" creative forces on one hand, and specific cultural interests and ideologies on the other.  With the advent of unimaginable technological and cultural shifts, the future garden will inevitably be a fierce battle site between the natural and the artificial. The techno-toxic sublime of molecular manipulation and the insidious threat of the super synthetic present a formidable opponent to the once invincible natural world. 

Garden Party: Join RedLine artists in the Galleria of The Denver Performing Arts Complex for 2D to 2D Garden mural-making, music, food, and drinks! This participatory installation will be an extension of the Intrepid Garden exhibition and welcomes all ages.  This activity is made possible by Arts & Venues Next Stage Now Funding. 

Earlier Event: August 5