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Across Borders

Help RedLine be a good neighbor both nationally and internationally and support our visiting artist program with a membership today. In addition to receiving membership benefits at RedLine, supporters will be acknowledged by name on the digital and printed exhibition map (version featured below).

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Here is how it works 
1) Click the paypal button below to purchase a membership and choose a country or state where you feel connected. Include the location you want to sponsor in your purchasing/paypal notes. 
2) You will receive a postcard to return to RedLine that will be displayed for the duration of our Latin America: Endless Transformation exhibit showcasing the relationships that our communities have across borders, states and lines. 

Support at State: $50 ($40 Membership plus $10 donation to RedLine)
Support a Country: $100 ($75 Membership plus $25 donation to RedLIne) 

Be a good neighbor! Support RedLine's Visiting Artist Program

Your contribution will support RedLine's visiting artist program to continue to foster relationships within and beyond borders. RedLine's current exhibition, Latin America: Endless Transformation, features 12 artists from 7 countries in Central and South America. In this exhibit, artists are investigating the ways in which communities reshape their own collective identity and revealing a continuous transformation that is visible in the artistic movements taking place throughout the Americas. Latin America: Endless Transformation will be on view through October 29, 2017.