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Brown Bag Lunch

RedLine's Brown Bag Lunch Program takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 12-1pm. Topics are generated from the participants of the program and each month a new topic is chosen by RedLine staff. As always, Brown Bag Lunch is free and open to everyone! We encourage you to bring friends, your lunch, and your ideas!


Topic: Thoughts on the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

Here is an article related to the topic.

Here is a video related to the topic.

Here is an interactive map related to the topic.

Finally, here are some questions to think about for this edition of BBL:
1. After reading the article how do you feel the National Memorial for Peace and Justice?
2. Racism has existed throughout the entirety of America’s history and continues today. Why do
you think a memorial to the victims of lynching and white supremacy has only just been
3. Why is recognizing violence against the African-American community especially important in
2018’s political climate?
4. How important is it to have an art space dedicate to crimes against humanity?
5. Could the public execution of individuals based on their ethnicity ever become a form of
entertainment in the United States again? Explain.
6. Why is art important to narrate our way through tragedy?
7. How has minimalism contributed to the approach of an artist dealing with difficult issues?
8. Is art truly the only tool we have to reach social justice? (poetry, performance, dance etc…).


We hope you'll join us for this important conversation.