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Connecting with Jin Sha: A Conversation with the Artist 

Connecting with Jin Sha:
A Conversation with the Artist

June 8, 6 - 7:30 PM

Join Jin Sha and Julie Segraves for a conversation with the artist on June 8 from 6 - 7:30 PM at RedLine. This program corresponds with the current exhibition on view Mastering Illusion: The Contemporary Ink Paintings of Jin Sha.
Born in Beijing in 1968, Jin Sha began to study Chinese painting at the early age of 10 years. By 1984 the outstanding painting skills of the young artist secured him a position in an exclusive high school dedicated to the nourishment of talented teen artists.  In 1988 Jin Sha was accepted into prestigious Central Academy of Fine Art, where he majored in Chinese painting, graduating with a degree in 1992. Jin Sha’s preferred painting method is gongbi, which is considered China’s most conservative and most difficult brush technique. It is characterized by combining fine lines with multiple layers of both ink-shadings and colors to achieve its three dimensional qualities.

RedLine would like to thank the Asian Art Coordinating Council, The Beijing Institute for Fine Arts Painting, Julie Segraves, Jin Sha, and the Olson-Vander Heyden Foundation for their generous support of RedLine's national and international visiting artist program.

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