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In My Backyard @ Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Join artist Deborah Jang at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival where she will be activating the space of the mobile tiny home for In My Backyard!

In My Backyard is a creative placekeeping project in support of the tiny home movement for neighbors that need a safe place to be--a legal place to rest and a way to be part of our Denver community. The project aims to shift from a perspective of “other” to seeing that we are one anothers’ sisters and brothers. As project partners, RedLine and the Colorado Village Collaborative will tour a mobile tiny home activated by socially engaged artists to demonstrate the vitality and creativity emerging from tiny home communities. In My Backyard will create an equal exchange with neighbors to gain advocates that feel empowered to support the tiny home movement.

As a participating artist on the IN MY BACKYARD project, she hopes to create a refuge--a respite and experience of empathetic reflection by inviting hot, weary festival goers into a tiny house designed to offer alternative dwelling possibilities for people experiencing homelessness. Jang resides in the Barnum community, one of Denver’s “changing neighborhoods” — so the proximity of the Dragon Boat Festival at Sloan’s Lake Park feels much like in her backyard.

Deborah Jang’s art practice includes creation and exhibition of assemblage sculpture, a variety of community-based projects, and socially-engaged explorations.


Project Partners: Colorado Village Collaborative, RedLine Contemporary Art Center, Denver Homeless Out Loud, The Beloved Community Villagers, Reach Studio Artists, Buck Foundation, Bayaud Enterprises, Interfaith Alliance, and Denver Arts and Venues