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R/Evolution: 2016 Exhibitions & Program Theme

  • RedLine 2350 Arapahoe Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

In 2016 RedLine will present R/Evolution, a series of exhibitions, programs, events, and community installations that examines the relationship between social revolution and cultural or political evolution. Historically, artists have often been at the vanguard of revolutionary actions. In this current political climate, how are contemporary artists exploring or helping to contextualize and digest local, national, or global issues through their creative practice? Historically, revolutions have paved the way for evolutions in social and cultural discourses and introduced new public policies. How is this happening today? 

Through the course of the year, we are hoping to explore a variety of related topics. Using art as a vehicle for inquiry, conversation, and action, we hope to consider some of the following questions:

1)    How does art respond to societal disruptions and ruptures?

2)    What revolutionary phenomena are occurring in culture currently?

3)    What is the relationship between revolution and evolution, and what is the role of art in those processes? 

4)    How does social change occur, and how can art create change?

5)    What is the impact of new technologies on society and culture, both currently and historically?

6)    What is the relationship between place and revolution?  

R/Evolution will include a roster of exhibitions that address pressing issues and inspire thoughtful dialogue. The shows will seek to expose broader audiences to some of the local, national, and global issues tackled by contemporary artists in order to demonstrate how art can function as a vehicle for positive change in our communities.

Exhibitions & Current Program Dates:

January 8, 2016 6 - 8 p.m.: Looking Back (RedLine) & January 15, 5 - 8 p.m.: Institute for Non-Bizarre Treatment (Access Gallery): Through a curatorial exchange, RedLine and Access Gallery will present dual exhibitions with the aim of creating greater visibility for those living with disabilities. As part of this collaborative project, Damon McCleese, Executive Director of Access Gallery, will curate on exhibition in RedLine’s Project Space that include photographs and videos showing the disabled body often invisible in both art and media. Tracy Tomko, a new RedLine Resourse Artist, will, in turn, curate an exhibition at Access Gallery that features artists’ ideas for machines or prostheses that aim to alleviate mental and emotional disabilities, which are often invisible.

January 22, 6 - 9 p.m. : Monumental:Sixth Annual Resident Artist Show will open the year with three cohorts of RedLine artists on display. RedLine’s competitive residency has become one of the region’s most prestigious programs, drawing some of the most talented emerging, career-oriented artists from Colorado and beyond. The exhibit will be curated by Marissa Lerer, an assistant professor of modern and contemporary art at Manhattan College who specializes in public art and memorials.

March 4, 6 - 9 p.m. : For the Month of Print, Sarah Scott and Chinn Wang – two RedLine Alumni Artists – will curate a group exhibition that highlights the work of ten artist printmakers and their varying approaches to collaboration as a means to create original works. The artists in the show hold an expansive view of the institution of the community print shop as a space for social practice and collective art. They have established partnerships with scientists, artists, non-artists, data ecosystems, neighborhood communities. 

The exhibition will include a visit from Imin Yeh, a San Francisco-based artist, who will create a community project called “Points of Interest,” a neighborhood-wide scavenger hunt with hand-carved stamps that will be hidden in plain sight along sidewalks, in parking lots, and inside local businesses. The stamps will be used to create a collaborative print between the artist and community participants, initiating a process of reclaiming small bits of urban spaces through interjecting opportunities for play and discovery.

RedLine will issue a request for proposals from artists for pop-up installations to activate spaces within our building and throughout our community throughout the summer. In addition to providing opportunities for artists, the program aims to increase possibilities for creative and social engagement amongst local residents.

RedLine is currently developing a show that will explore the intersection of gun violence, race, and community policing. A collaboration with Jonathan Ferrara, a New Orleans artist-activist who recently presented Guns in the Hands of Artists as part of the Aspen Ideas Festival, the show at RedLine will include works that incorporate decommissioned guns purchased through a local buy-back program. Removed from the streets, the guns become raw materials for art that explores violence from a variety of perspectives.

As part of r/evolution, RedLine will once again present 48 Hours of Socially Engaged Art and Conversation, an event first held in August 2015. Following positive feedback and a desire to continue this important dialogue, RedLine will convene another summit of Denver’s leading arts organizations to address cultural responsiveness and social responsibility in our respective communities. What is the role of art organizations in their local communities? Are we responsible for creating social change through art? How can art organizations reshape their approach to under-resourced communities to overcome barriers to participation and create equitable access? Participants in 2015 included Su Teatro, Denver Art Museum, Colorado Ballet, Platte Forum, Art from Ashes, the Buck Foundation, Divine America, Black Actors Guild, Art Students League of Denver, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, VSA/Access Gallery, Creative Strategies for Change, Colorado Black Arts Movement, Pop Culture Classroom, Youth on Record. We expect an even larger cohort in 2016 and want to expand to include more businesses and foundations in the conversation.


November 11, 2016, 6 - 9 p.m.: RedLine will conclude the year with the 20th Anniversary exhibition of the Artnauts Artist Collective, a Boulder-based group that travels to international locations of contention and uses art to address or question current, pressing issues relating to the specific place. A curated selection of works drawn from the last 20 years of exhibitions will highlight the collective’s missions. In addition, curator Linda Weintraub will gather new work created by roughly 50 Artnaut members from 12 states and 9 countries. This group’s history and conceptual grounding support RedLine’s commitment to inquiry and change. The longevity of the group and its willingness to exhibit in war-torn locations (e.g., Bosnia, the Occupied Palestinian Territories) fit well with the theme of “r/evolution.” As part of their exhibition, the Artnauts will convene a one-day symposium on social practice art and its potential for generating change.

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