We know that traditional art openings, with their late hours and lack of diverting activities, are not the most kid-friendly affairs. In response to this, we created bilingual Crybaby Openings, where families could come on a Saturday morning and interact with the exhibition on their own terms -- and where you can cry if you want to. With snacks, scavenger hunts and fun projects linked to the exhibition, we held Crybaby Openings for our resident artist show Nice Work If You Can Get It in February.

All our Crybaby Openings are presented fully in both English and Spanish and we welcome families who speak other languages to join in as well!

Dates for Crybaby Openings 2017:

Saturday March 25th - Photography and Plants!

Saturday September 23rd - Latin America: Endless Transformation

We're currently planning what Crybaby will look like in the coming year. Please check back for future dates!