Louise martorano, Executive Director

Ms. Martorano holds a M.H. from The University of Colorado at Denver with a focus in Contemporary Art History & Music and has ten years management experiences in both for-profit and non-profit arts organizations.  In addition, Ms. Martorano has four years experience in the film industry producing and fundraising for independent films that have received international festival recognition in Dallas, Austin, Poland and Denver.  2011 brought her first co-curated art production entitled Project Hello at Denver's Taxi by Zeppelin complex.  Project Hello was a juried exhibition of 40 emerging Denver artists working in film, design, craft, poetry, and music, culinary, visual and performing arts that welcomed over 400 visitors.  Presently, Ms. Martorano is honored and excited to be a part of the innovative art community at RedLine.

Robin Gallite, Program Director

Robin is an educator, artist, advocate and explorer of different cultures. She is also a quasi-Buddhist and has a passion for fashion.  She believes that art can be a powerful agent for social change by promoting education and community engagement. At RedLine, Robin gets to challenge conventional ways of teaching, thinking, making art, and being in the world.

Geoffrey Shamos, Development Director

Coming from an academic background, Geoffrey can be pedantic at times, but he always means well.  He loves to share his passion for art with visitors, appreciates the dedication of his colleagues, and enjoys fostering the convergence of art, education, and community as part of RedLine's mission. He is also a beard enthusiast.

Michelle Reilly, Business Manager

Since moving from Boston to Denver in 2003, Michelle has enjoyed being a part of the Denver creative community and is happy to be a member of the exceptional team at RedLine. When not crunching numbers or scrutinizing budgets, Michelle loves to get outside to enjoy a good hike in the mountains, play time with her puppy, or glass of wine with friends.

Whit Sibley, Exhibitions and Facilities Manager

Whit has spent the bulk of his professional career in the world of fine art, including eight years as a project manager for Terry Dowd, Inc., where he handled installations of private, gallery and museum collections.  Fully bilingual and a former resident of Sevilla, (Spain), Sibley is an active member of Denver's Flamenco music and dance community, and performs regularly with cellist-composer Ian Cooke.  He lives near downtown Denver with his family.



Libby Barbee, Program Manager

In search of a profession that would allow her to dabble as a philosopher, geographer, naturalist, anthropologist, writer and explorer of everything, Libby settled down and became an artist, receiving an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011. Born into a family of educators, she believes strongly in the importance of education and has a deep passion for teaching. Libby combines her enthusiasm for art and education, spending part of her time in the studio making art that explores the relationship between nature and culture, and part of her time teaching and working as RedLine's Program Manager.

Ashley Frazier, Membership and Events Manager

As a practicing artist and member of Ice Cube Gallery, Ashley enjoys working in a collaborative environment alongside other creative individuals. She loves welcoming new members to RedLine, long walks in the sunshine, and witnessing the transformative qualities of art.  Ashley is constantly inspired by the ever-changing nature of RedLine's active space and appreciates that her role allows her to serve as a connector and creator.

Djamila Ricciardi, Visitor and Volunteer Services Coordinator

Djamila Ricciardi is a proud Denverite who has a great love for all forms of creative expression.  She is a creative thinker with a human-centered approach. Djamila finds fulfillment sharing ideas and working collaboratively with others. Since joining RedLine as Visitor and Volunteer Services Coordinator, Djamila has had an amazing time getting to know her fellow staff members and fabulous volunteers who make the big dreams of this non-profit art space possible. She believes it is possible for art to have a positive and lasting impact on every individual and she cares because each person and every creative act reminds us of our shared humanity.

Amanda Flores, Community Outreach Coordinator

Amanda is an activist for creative youth development in Five Points, Denver, creating access to art for under-resourced students.  After graduating from Colorado College with a degree in Creative Writing, she realized her passion for community building and social change. She found that one of the most valuable aspects of art-making was sharing the process and experience with others. Through her work at Whittier ECE-8 School, Amanda has fostered a deep appreciation for the different ways youth learn and how art holds space for everyone's experiences.


Misha Fraser, ArtCorps Arts Education Coordinator

Misha is an art enabler and a professional worrier.  Before coming to RedLine, she received an MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Management from University College Dublin and taught STEAM programs to K-8 graders.  Now, she carries on the work of past ArtCorps VISTAs, helping increase access to the arts at Whittier ECE-8 School.  Believing that the arts and sciences are inseparable and people need sound knowledge of both to understand the world and themselves.  Misha is honored to be helping foster creative thinking skills in students.  She loves history and detective stories.


Hayley Krichels, ArtCorps Community Outreach Coordinator

Hayley is an artist and an educator.  Before heading west, she went to Bard College to study Photography.  She likes making art about art, and is interested in photographic humor and visual puns.  She believes in process-based art making and the importance of making the arts accessible to everyone.