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Daisy Patton

Influenced by an upbringing in California and Oklahoma, I have spent much of my childhood reading adventure and detective tales, history and art history books, and ghost stories. The results of this youth soaked in specific cultural landscapes are explorations of the lines between history and mythology, between memory and perceived experience, and between intrinsic behavior and learned tendencies. My work explores the social conventions and meaning of families, our relationships to the photograph and its inherent emotional ties, and what it is to be a person living in our contemporary world. Deeply inspired by these subjects and our frantic society, I have many long-term projects either currently in progress or in research. The roots of the American West, my connection to Latin America through my husband, and my own unknown parentage all affect several on-going projects. Sound installation I’m Perfectly Fine Without You (2010-present) is an archive of interviews with children of absent fathers recollecting their experiences; diorama and installation The Missing Tourists, or Disappearance in Death Valley (2011) is an intersection between mythology, the American West, the eternal conflict between humans and nature. Painting series A Reconstructed Family Reunion (2012-present) combines and falsifies family photos of my family with my Iranian father’s, who I never met or know. My attraction to family photographs, the relationship between painting and photography, and memory are explored in painting series Forgetting is so long (2014-present). Additionally, I am currently working on a graphic novel based on the German tourists featured in The Missing Tourists, as well as new photo/digital media series Deterioration (2013-present), which details the progression of Multiple Sclerosis on my brain. I also have an illustration Tumblr called Venezuelan Sayings (2014-present), which is a collection of colloquial Venezuelan idioms that are translated and illustrated; by accepting suggestions, I collaborate with others to collect and interpret this cultural ephemera. I have a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Oklahoma and an MFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University. I currently reside in Denver, Colorado. Read More.


Education Programs

Education at RedLIne is a innovative and accessible program that engages the community in exploration of art along with providing a resource that nurtures the multifaceted relationships present between art, artists and the public. Our vision is create sustainable and impactful programming that meets the needs of the community while developing learners that are invested in their education, their world and the transformative power of art. Read More.


Community Studio

The Community Studio is an educational space for the community at-large to experience and practice art alongside artist, instructors, fellow students and neighbors. Participants are invited to deepen their appreciation for art through hands-on activities central to RedLine’s goal of bolstering the relationship between art, artist and the public. The Community Studio and programs serves as a resource for youth and adults based on the needs expressed by community members. Read More.