Make/Shift Monday

A fun, off-script program created for and by Denver's unique creative community.  Join us for these regular happenings that activate the space and provide informal opportunities to engage with RedLine.  These experiences will take place on Monday evenings starting at 6:00 and ending no later than 8:30pm. 

To learn more about how to participate or host a Make/Shift Monday, please email

UPCOMING Programs:


February 6, 2017

(de)composition: An Immersive Performance

Each unique iteration of (de)composition presented by Toxoplasma Arts LLC seeks to deconstruct the idea of a musical "concert" with a participatory event that involves music, poetry, improvisation, and dance. The distinctions between composer, performer, and audience member will be dissolved.


February 20, 2017

Death to Small Talk: A Conversational Salon for the Bold and Curious

Are you afraid of meeting new people and hearing the same questions? Where are you from? What do you do? We are too. So come and join us for a evening of frivolity, facts and chats. You will learn to use your passions to deflect the most excruciating parts of meeting new people and hopefully have a great time doing it.