Make/Shift Monday

A fun, off-script program created for and by Denver's unique creative community.  Join us for these regular happenings that activate the space and provide informal opportunities to engage with RedLine.  These experiences will take place on Monday evenings starting at 6:00 and ending no later than 8:30pm. 

To learn more about how to participate or host a Make/Shift Monday, please email

We will soon post the awesome lineup of programming for 2017. In the meantime, please take a gander at what we were up to this summer. 

Past Programs:

August 29th

Get Excited About Fermentation - workshop, demo and conversation

For this last Make/Shift of the summer season, we will learn about fermented food in a fun workshop designed for the at-home enthusiast. Local artist and fermentation aficionado Eileen Richardson will lead participants through a sauerkraut making demo and will answer questions about this traditional and delicious process. We will also taste and talk about a few easy fermented beverages (water kefir and kombucha). Participants are encouraged to bring their own mason jar!

This evening will also feature a presentation by Asia Dorsey of Five Points Fermentation Co (she'll bring some yummy samples) and a conversation about finding creative inspiration in the fermentation process with artist  (and RedLine alum) Viviane Le Courtois of Processus Denver.

August 15th

MIND PLAY: The nature of collage - art making workshop and conversation

Come join us for an evening of spontaneous art-making and technique building through the call and response method! We will begin with magazine cut outs and use painting and drawing to appropriate, distort, and re-invent.  Collage asks the maker and viewer to let go-to allow chance, memory and individual histories to shape the creative process.  Experiments and improvisations generate fresh ideas and foster a spirit of play and free association. We will delve whole-heartedly into this process and make some fantastic art!  

August 8th

Cloud Watching with Ian Fisher - artist talk and creative exploration

Join us as we meditate on shapeshifting clouds above our heads with local contemporary artist Ian Fisher as a guide. Ian specializes in large scale oil on canvas cloud paintings and we will begin by looking at a few examples of his work, then we will turn our gaze skyward. We'll talk about ways to translate what we see into 2D art making and will make some of our own art. Bring your sketchbooks and cameras (cell phones work!) and BYOB!

August 1st

Intentional Impact: The Genesis of Odessa -  creative conversation

Meet Odessa: an online platform for Denver's creative community that encourages artists to create and connect with intention. We will talk about what it means to be an intentional creator and how that can impact Denver.

July 25th

Camera-less Filmmaking and Animation - Art making workshop and conversation

In this exciting workshop we will learn about the rich history of making films without a camera and watch some examples from great artists that popularized this form of animation.  We will spend the rest of the workshop learning about techniques and putting them into practice!  Everyone will have the opportunity to draw animations on, scratch into, manipulate and experiment with their own sections of 16mm film.  At the end of the workshop we will splice everything together and have a live projection of our creation.

July 18th

The Theory of Every Thing: Collage - Art making workshop and conversation

RedLine Resource Artist John McEnroe is interested in decoding our present visual world.  We can talk more about his Theory of Every Thing while we make collage together.  Why collage?  Because, according to John, it scratches at the edge of this wildly complex craving “for and understanding of the underlying order of the (visual) world.” Bring some old magazines with you and leave with art you made.

July 11th

Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People - film screening and discussion to follow

This 92 minute documentary by filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris brings to light hidden and unknown photos shot by both professional and vernacular African American photographers.These images show a much more complex and nuanced view of American culture and its founding ideals.

June 20th

Confrontation and Cultural Vernacular - Scholarly Talk, with Q&A to follow

Emerging scholar and RedLine volunteer Lauren Granado has researched the way contemporary artists Adrian Piper and Lauren Halsey engage in performance and installation art to elevate the vernacular of funk. We will learn about how the funk aesthetic embodies the daily visual language of working-class communities/people of color. Feed your brain and stay to discuss more.

June 13th

Arc of Justice - film Screening, with discussion to follow

Local nonprofit Denver Homeless Out Loud is concerned about issues affecting the broader community of individuals experiencing homelessness in our city. Together, we will watch a documentary that  focuses on the rise, fall, and rebirth of the first modern community land trust in the US that developed within the Civil Rights Movement. Stop by to see the film, stay for the conversation.