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Louise martorano, Executive Director

Louise is a cultivator of others and die-hard artist enthusiast. She studied Art History and Music and has an extensive background working with career-oriented artists through ten years experience in Denver arts organizations. She was recently named Livingston Fellow by the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation in recognition of her outstanding leadership in Denver’s nonprofit sector. Prior to becoming RedLine’s Executive Director, Louise served for as the organization’s Deputy Director. Everyday she is honored and excited to be a part of the innovative art community in Denver. 

For questions about RedLine’s residency program and exhibitions please contact Louise at


Robin Alli Gallite, deputy director

Robin is an educator, artist, advocate and explorer of different cultures. She is also a quasi-Buddhist and has a passion for fashion. Prior to joining the RedLine team in 2011, she taught middle school math and visual arts at Aurora Public Schools for five years and in Monterrey, Mexico for one. Robin believes that artists can be powerful agents for social change by promoting education and community engagement. At RedLine, Robin gets to challenge conventional ways of teaching, thinking, making art, and being in the world.

For questions about community partnerships, potential collaborations, and general           operations please contact Robin at


John-Claude Futrell, Education Director

JC is a performer, writer, recording artist, and educator. He holds a BFA and BA in African American & African Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver. JC is a National Poetry Slam Champion and professionally touring spoken word artist. As an educator, he has worked for Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, Youth Employment Academy, and Arts Street. His dedication to youth engagement has earned him many accolades, but nothing makes him more proud than seeing his students succeed academically and professionally. 

For questions about the education and community programs please contact JC at

Whit Sibley, Exhibitions and Facilities Manager

Whit is an enthusiastic supporter of artists and a jack-of-all-trades. Whit has spent the bulk of his professional career in the world of fine art, including eight years as a project manager for Terry Dowd, Inc., where he handled installations of private, gallery, and museum collections. Fully bilingual and a former resident of Sevilla, Spain, Whit is an active member of Denver's Flamenco music and dance community and performs regularly with cellist-composer, Ian Cooke. He lives near downtown Denver with his family.

For questions about exhibition management and facilities please contact Whit at


Libby Barbee, Programming and "arts in society" Manager

In search of a profession that would allow her to dabble as a philosopher, geographer, naturalist, anthropologist, writer and explorer of everything, Libby settled on a career in the arts, receiving an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011. Libby believes that culture and the arts are integral to the creation of strong and equitable communities, and strives to realize creative solutions to important problems by supporting artists and creatives. When not leading the Arts in Society grant program or managing education programs at RedLine, Libby can be found in her studio where she creates artwork that explores the relationship between nature and culture.

For questions about the Arts in Society regranting program, please contact Libby at

Ashley Frazier, Membership and development specialist

As a practicing artist and RedLine Resident (2016-2018), Ashley enjoys working in collaborative environments alongside other creative individuals. She loves welcoming new members to RedLine and witnessing the transformative qualities of art.  Ashley is constantly inspired by the ever-changing nature of RedLine's active space and appreciates that her role allows her to serve as a connector and creator.

For questions about RedLine’s membership please contact Ashley at

Djamila Ricciardi, Visitor and Volunteer services manager

Djamila Ricciardi is a proud Denverite who has a great love for all forms of creative expression. She is a creative thinker with a human-centered approach. Djamila finds fulfillment sharing ideas and working collaboratively with others. Since joining RedLine in 2014, Djamila has had an amazing time getting to know her fellow staff members and fabulous volunteers who make the big dreams of this non-profit art space possible. She believes it is possible for art to have a positive and lasting impact on every individual and that each person and every creative act reminds us of our shared humanity.

For questions about volunteering at RedLine please contact Djamila at


Emma Acheson, education coordinator

A lover of many disciplines and crafts, Emma has found that RedLine has given her the opportunity to explore multiple avenues and interests. Her upbringing in Appalachian Ohio instilled in Emma a belief in the importance of our connection to and respect for nature, animals, and our environment. She values education that emphasizes those beliefs and has worked in the dance, community gardening, and art education fields. When Emma isn’t coordinating ArtCorps Mentoring or working on other community and education programs she enjoys hiking, making jewelry, and cooking. In college at The Ohio State University, she studied Spanish and Dance and currently utilizes both as she continues to find new ways of combining what she’s passionate about.  

For questions about ArtCorps Mentoring please contact Emma at


Bryce Walsh, Visitor Services Associate

In his final year at the University of Denver, Bryce began at RedLine originally as a volunteer before joining the organization as a Visitor Services Associate. Inspired by RedLine’s mission to promote socially engaged art, he transitioned his studies to focus on the philosophy and ethics of the medium. Believing in the benefit of collaborative processes, Bryce emphasizes the role of art as a conduit of change within the community. Outside of work, Bryce spends his time writing, working on theatre productions, and drawing poorly rendered stick figures. 


Lily Chavez, Visitor Services Associate

Lily has been proudly living in Denver since she moved here from the small town of New Castle, CO in 2010. She graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2017 with a BFA in Communication Design. As a visual artist, Lily enjoys the creative energy and inspirational ideas surrounding her at RedLine. In her personal work, Lily takes a humanistic approach. She is an everyday learner and finds herself constantly absorbing information to improve herself not only as a creative but as a human who has the ability to impact the lives of others.


Gonzo, REACH Open Studio Coordinator

Gonzo has been a participating artist in RedLine’s Reach Studio program since 2011. Over the last several years Gonzo has become an accomplished artist showing and selling work in Denver. As a veteran participant of Reach, he happily acts as an ambassador to area homeless for RedLine and has taken the position of Open Studio Coordinator to further his commitment to the program. He constantly mentions how valuable the opportunity to make art and progress is for him as well as others. Gonzo believes in the meditational and communicative qualities of art, and has years worth of drawing journals and abstract creations on hand to prove it. 

Come see Gonzo in Reach on Tuesdays from 1-4pm in the Community Studio.