Volunteer at RedLine

We believe in strengthening local communities by supporting art and artists. As a RedLine Volunteer, you will have an opportunity to engage with a unique creative culture that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Convenient scheduling is available based on your individual needs and interests. Whether you are looking to apply your already well-honed professional skills to a local nonprofitor you are interested in increasing your knowledge; as a RedLine Volunteer you can expect to have an experience that will benefit your professional development and have a lasting impact.

Volunteers are crucial to RedLine’s mission to foster engagement and education between artists and communities to create positive social change. Your unique contribution will make a difference and we look forward to welcoming you!


Here are some ways that you can engage as a RedLine Volunteer:

Visitor Services:  You will work in concert with staff to engage and welcome RedLine visitors. This involves assisting with general administrative duties, answering phones, providing studio assistance to artists, and other tasks that are essential to the general operation of a small nonprofit arts organization.

Exhibitions: You will assist with both the installation and de-installation process, gain valuable art handling skills, and learn about how a nonprofit contemporary art center presents one-of-a-kind exhibitions to the public.

Membership: You will gain proficiency in database systems, learn strategies of membership cultivation and renewal programs and connect the community with RedLine’s mission.

Marketing: You will play a key role in our communications and marketing platform. If you have a background in web development, marketing, and/or social media, your skill set will be put to good use.

Studio Assist: You will be invited to work on projects alongside our artists-in-residence.  You will make connections with local professional artists and learn about different styles, mediums, and practices.

Programming: You will have an opportunity to work on a wide range of RedLine community programs ranging from art classes designed for young children to workshops for socially engaged artists who may have experienced homelessness or hardship. RedLine is dedicated to collaborating with under-resourced communities though our education and outreach programs.