Ann Cunningham and Jenny Callahan

Ann Cunningham, art teacher at the Colorado Center for the Blind since 1999, and Jenny Callahan former student at the Center and now art teacher in our expanding programming, will be introducing basic drawing techniques and answering your questions about, art and blindness and how it works.


Coffee with Generation Z

Amanda Flores, PlatteForum

Breaking down the age barrier between elected officials and teens, PlatteForum’s ArtLab Interns converse with community leaders on the mid-term elections and the functions/dysfunctions of representative government. In the spirit of coffee shop conversation, the audience is invited to eavesdrop and participate.


Mobilize the Masses- Intro to Screen Printing for Activists

Andrea Thurber

Learn to turn your activist art and design into screen prints! Mobilize the Masses is a quick workshop on how to create one-color shirts, patches, flyers, and posters on a budget. Participants will have the chance to print a patch or small poster at the end.


Co-Authoring History: Memory and Storytelling as Resistance

Dawn DiPrince and Jose Ortega, El Pueblo History Museum, AIS Grantee

Museum of Memory is a human-centered, community-based public history initiative intended to provide a pathway for community members to reclaim their collective history and utilize site-based memory as a tool of resistance and cultural healing. This workshop will use Museum of Memory techniques to jump start authentic writing and storytelling.


Privacy, Art, and Borders: Moving Across Space and Time

Jill Bronfman, San Francisco State University

Migrants leave their home countries with few possessions, then begin a journey in which survival takes precedence over art, communication, and technology. How can we make sure that culture is not lost, that family connections continue, and that migrants can use tech to participate in their new lives?


A Revolution is Built with Stories

James Walsh, Romero Theater Troupe

This session will explore the art of organic theater, before leading participants through a process involving mining stories of struggle and activism.  The workshop will end with a series of short skits, coupled with dialogue about the human experience.


Rhythm and Response - Capoeira, Samba and Afro-brazilian Dance

Lewis Lease, United Capoeira Association - Colorado & Samba Colorado, AIS Grantee

Encounter and explore Afro-brazilian perspectives on the struggle for physical and cultural survival as expressed through three contemporary forms of movement - Capoeira, Samba and Afro-brazilian Dance - that trace their lineages, through the colonization of Brazil and the trans-Atlantic slave trade, to deep-rooted African histories and traditions.


Take the Traffic Cone

Frank Kwiatkowski, The Kwiatkowski Press

The workshop will use traffic cones to create templates to produce relief prints. The session reflects how construction and gentrification have impacted Denver over the past decades.


Tilt West Roundtable on The Art and Politics of Afrofuturism

This workshop will be an unmoderated, non-hierarchical group conversation on the topic of The Art & Politics of Afrofuturism. Prompters Rochelle Johnson and Ella Maria Ray will provide a written overview and suggested readings to help guide the discussion. Learn more here:

Please pre-register by emailing ASAP to secure your spot; the event will be capped at 30 participants.