The Cake: Controversy and Comedy

Curious Theater Company

Curious Theatre Company will present a scene from our production The Cake by Bekah Brunstetter. A comedy where family, faith and frosting collide, inspired by Colorado's Masterpiece Cakeshop case now at the Supreme Court. Afterword, join us for an interactive discussion of the case and how art drives social change.



Observer Collective

Displace is an immersive dance film performance that integrates cutting edge 360 degree film technology and live performance. Technology provides information beyond our immediate environment. Displace builds an experience that raises questions about how and when this information leads to freedom or to constraint.


The Movement in the Movements: From Black Power to #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Edgar Page

The Movement in the Movements: From Black Power to #BLACKLIVESMATTER briefly explores the words, sounds, and dances associated with major political and social movements from 1968 to 2013. Lead by Edgar L. Page, this lecture demonstration invites you to #feelthemovement and experience the movement of the movements.


My Dinner in Montbello

Colorado Black Arts Movement

Montbello is a fifty-three year old neighborhood; one of Denver’s largest, located in Northeast Denver.  A food and culture desert, it is now on the verge of change.  For once, community members and the arts are having a large say about the nature of that change.  Want to hear the story? Enjoy a slice of the tomato.



Choreographic direction: Claudia Lavista; Original Score: Jesse Manno.

Prow is an interdisciplinary work (dance and music) which addresses the theme of migration. The travels, losses, efforts and the arrival to an impenetrable wall are only broken through human recognition, empathy, and the encounter with one another. 


Still Coming Home Book Launch: Presenting an anthology of war stories and poems

Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book, AIS Grantee

Denver Veteran Writers Workshop co-leaders Jason Arment and Steven Dunn and other writers present a selection of readings by Denver contributors to a new book, Still Coming Home: Veterans, Refugees & Spouses, about the experience of war from multiple perspectives.


Watching Night Falling

Control Group Productions

"Watching Night Falling" is an ode to liminality and the process of change. It manifests as a sunset walking tour following a live movement performance that plays out layered contents of travel, from daily commutes to refugee migration. *walking tours leaving every 5-10 minutes from the project space.