From Los Angeles, California, Daisy Patton moved back and forth between Oklahoma and California during her childhood. Inquisitive and an avid reader, she spent much of her early years perusing adventure and detective tales, history and art history books, and ghost stories. The effects of this youth soaked in such specific cultural landscapes continue today. Patton scrutinizes the lines between history and mythology, between memory and perceived experience, and between intrinsic behavior and learned tendencies. Her work explores the meaning and social conventions of families, little discussed or hidden histories, and what it is to be a person living in our contemporary world. Deeply inspired by these subjects, Patton has many long-term projects either currently in progress or in research. One such series is Forgetting is so long, reviewed in Art LTD and featured on art blog Artistic Moods.

Currently residing in Denver, Colorado Patton has a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Oklahoma with minors in History and Art History and an Honors degree. Her MFA is from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University, a multi-disciplinary program. Patton received the Montague Travel Grant for research in Dresden, Germany for an upcoming project, and she was also awarded a position as an exchange student at the University of Hertfordshire, UK while an undergraduate. Patton has completed two artist residencies at the Anythink Libraries in Colorado, and she is currently in a two-year residency at RedLine, an arts organization focused on community, social justice, and arts education in Denver, Colorado. Exhibiting in solo and group shows nationally, Michael Warren Contemporary represents Patton in Denver.