My work is driven by form and material, while quietly pointing at change, pattern breaking and law of attraction.  Interested in mindful living ideas, these concepts and directions have found their way into my visual practice by way of clean, formulated pattern work via sculptural work, installations and murals.  Employing feminine, yet strong shapes in visual systems, I strive to demonstrate change by layering and contrasting materials such as acrylic, styrene, wood, paper and paint, and utilize the laser for its precision, while formulating systematic guidelines, repetition and purposefully restrained color palettes.  I examine and apply the ways these visual items/systems/formulas can be altered, yet remain constant to convey the undeniable truth that things/life/people/environments change and evolve, and yet remain the same on some level.  I am interested in conveying these messages by way of site specific public installations and murals that transform environments to envelope viewers in beautifully activated, and thoughtfully changed spaces, that breaks one away from routine, where architecture and art seamlessly coexist.