Thomas evans

Growing up a Military brat, I was always fascinated with the feeling of exploring and learning about new communities and cultures within the fabric of society. With a backdrop of an ever-changing environment, I spent my youth asking questions about the boundaries, traditions, and the status quo that boxes ­in creativity. I would always ask myself what boundaries can I break and how can I break them. This perspective of viewing the world led me to a journey of exploring a multitude of communities and how I could borrow different elements to create a new paradigm.

I eventually gravitated to following interactive artists that were pushing the envelope because they had a similar view of the world; a view that forced others to think differently about how they interacted with their surroundings. Showing viewers how creating a sense of wonder wasn't bound by a physical properties, or by its normal societal use, has become my infatuation. Flipping a concept of an idea on it’s head by using elements from a neighboring art form is the thread in which I try to weave throughout my work. I want the viewer’s preconceived notions and expectations to be thrown off­-guard by my work’s intended purpose.

My current works focus on breaking down the traditional form, adding various elements to enhance a particular sense or emotion, and then reconstructing the form to its original property so that any surprise is unexpected. My recent photography series uses DNA testing, and african artifacts to push past the conventional confines that an image would communicate, and tells the story about the lineage of a subject through the african diaspora. Using a common traditional form, but adding DNA testing and african art with the imagery, I activate a sense of curiosity about not only the subject, but oneself. These photos become vastly more dynamic when combined with information that is wholly unexpected but easily relatable.

My work with traditional portraiture conveys the similar idea of shattering expectations and norms. Using traditional acrylic mediums and canvases, I deconstruct the elements and norms of visual art. I then borrow properties from audio art forms and proceed to reconstruct canvases to seamlessly transition between the two art forms. Viewers are able to cross the “Do Not Touch” boundary and interact with paintings that are in every way shape and form, traditional. This approach extends the ability in how it captures the viewer's imagination, particularly because each viewer interacts with the paintings differently. I work to have each viewer evolve by challenging the societal norms in their own perspective worlds by deconstructing, adding new ideas & experiences , and then reconstructing a new and unexpected norm.