Andrew Huffman

The diverse manifestations displayed in my art unite in discovering new modes of seeing, feeling, understanding, and communicating personalized art objects that correspond to a non-stagnant contemporary existence. My work investigates applying semiotic studies to visual-art objects and how meaning and feeling is communicated and experienced through various signs, symbols, patterns, color, material, and artforms. These semiotic concepts motivate the creation of art objects that marry many artforms together into one, suspending expectations of what funtionality a painting, photograph, drawing, installation, or sculpture possesses. My artistic process also leads me into explorations of how these altered configurations coalesce and function while being synthesized together. My work interacts with physical spaces, and time, while anticipating air itself as a functional medium worthy of being called subject-matter. As my work promotes many avenues for content to be gained and created by the viewer, it also anticipates the viewer’s visual perspective and how the work is morphing as one walks around it. The geometric and mathematical organizational tendencies displayed in my artwork pay homage through a contemporary lens to my masonic and agriculturalist Bohemian ancestors. I construct various artforms both abstractly and representationally in an attempt to create new ways of interpreting day-to-day occurrences while incorporating conscious and sub-conscious spacial awareness. My process parallels a jazz-musician searching for the right notes through time, constantly adjusting and improvising to tempo, varying instrumentations, textures, and musical tonalities and fields. Questions and possibilities are valued more than answers in these artistic constructs so experimentation and discovery direct my efforts away from striving for one-hundred-percent predictable outcomes with signified meanings. Working from an artistic framework that incorporates a wide range of techniques, materials, aesthetics, artforms, mediums, media, subject-matter, and colors helps in spawning unforeseen avenues for meaning and content. For me, this process promotes a vulnerability allowing for many shifts formalistically, ideologically, conceptually, and serendipitously to occur in thought and action throughout the process of creating the works. Just as life unfolds in unexpected patterns, I encourage my art-making process to reflect this notion by adopting a purposely imbalanced approach, forcing my anticipation of the next curve while seeking to reflect a dynamic energy in my artworks’ aesthetics and meaning.