I am interested in the affects of "taking-on" the viewfinders of digital media, from the first person shooter perspective, to telepresence, to 3D modeling, and texturing.  Currently my approach involves using mixed media drawings and printed geological forms to interrupt the hermetically sealed appearance of digitally produced imagery.  Ancient terrains from the base for my work, represent the 'non-human forms of expression,' conceptualized by Deleuze and Guittari.  The forms are material expressions of immanence and potentiality, and convey the immeasurable forces at work beyond our human perception.  My aim is that inherent biomorphic forms are exaggerated, producing tactile affects that border on the grotesque.  Through visual ambiguity, the works attract and repulse, reference the primordial, and resonate with the body.  Jodi Stuart is originally from New Zealand, she received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Manukau Institute of Technology (1999), and a Master of Fine Arts from Auchland University (2001).  Jodi has lived in the US since 2010 and came to Denver via San Francisco.