The function of the artist in society is a primary motivating factor in my practice.  Artists operate as chroniclers of history and initiators of change, often serving as a checkpoint for society at large.  My work serves as a voice for social justice and commentary by embracing the social responsibility of the artist.  Often through questioning choices of perception, I expose the artifice and downward spiral of American routine blindness.  The goal of the work ultimately is to affect change by propagating connectivity via our shared humanity.  

The conversation within my practice is initiated by a purposeful comedy, as an entry point to constructive discussion.  Bright colors, playful textures, and comedic forms produce approachability to serious subject matter.  Notions of class warfare and xenophobia are found in my use of faux and discarded materials.  Echoing the ploy of luxury culture and identity politics, the work is a living satire of objects and installations.


Sarah Rockett is a Denver artist focusing on issues of identity and connectivity within a global community. Impacted by her time in New Mexico and New Orleans, Rockett's search of unity between diverse groups and individuals is echoed in her mixed media works.  An adjunct Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Denver, Sarah Rockett teaches Foundations and Drawing courses.  Rockett received her MFA in Drawing from Colorado State University in 2011.