Dmitri Obergfell's practice is centered on an experience that alludes to a dynamic sense of being.  By creating quasi-religious, quasi-secular imagery, Obergfell's work underscores the way in which identities are constructed through societal symbols and signs.  His work is informed by philosopher Jacques Lacan's notion of The Real and the Structuralist method of interpreting objects.  Lacan's The Real is an underlying reality that predates language and is a state that is lost when language is learned.   Structuralists defined all objects and symbols as relational signs.  My work endeavors to create an awareness of this state through reflecting on our structured relationships with social, economic, cultural and historic orientations.

Dmitri Obergfell (b. 1986, Palisade, CO, USA) obtained a BFA from the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in 2010.  He has exhibited nationally and internationally and been featured in publications such as: Flash Art (IT), Veine (FR), and Lvl 3.  He recently completed a solo exhibition, Yinfinity, at Gildar Gallery (Denver, CO).  In 2014, Obergfell exhibited at the Terrance Art Museum (Terrance, CA), Montoro12 (Rome, IT) and Gray Contemporary (Houston, TX.)  He is a current studio resident at RedLine and Chateau de la Napoule (Mandelieu-La Napoule, FR).  Prior exhibitions include a solo show at Galleria Upp (Venice, IT) and Draft Urbanism as part of the Biennial of the Americas.