esther HERnandez

The main focus of my work is to arrange groups of people to create parameters of engagement that explore love, connection, social norms, ritual, play and everything close to and in between. I want people to encounter themselves and others in a fresh way, whether it be through interactive performance art, an installation or both. I facilitate an experience in hopes that confrontation, self­ examination and/or intimacy can be reached.

This medium, or way of working with people, interests me greatly seeing as I am an advocate for play, adventure and relationships. Through play, we can learn a lot about our desires and mental and emotional structures, an ongoing mystery that I am always trying to get to the bottom of. Dreams also play a major role in my creative process as well as in my life. They have the ability to expose raw emotions, hidden motives, repressed desires, unconscious attitudes and intuitions with succinct symbolism, metaphors and archetypes. To be able to work with the ingredients of dreams by creating an external reality is a form of alchemy and magic to me. I sometimes confuse life for a dream.